I should probably make a Machine Gun to go along with the bullets. Oh, that would be nice.

The ease at which Apple products get broken. No denying it.

Fluff fluff ^_^ I feel like wearing it now.

Such a rainy day, and it's mine. The most rainiest day of my la-a-a-if.
Lonely Day - SOAD (Parody) XD

See those hand prints? That's someone wanting to break free.
I've got to break free...
Queen <3

Trying out my new chainsaw >.<

Dirt looks horrible. I should probably take this down but that's one of my good works :P

Supposedly a logo I tried making. That's what I have been using from then on.

Space & stuff

My love from blender. Or more of Andrew's love for blender.

Blender Portfolio

Some of the stills I made using blender; mainly by following tutorials.
Youtube channel: http://youtube.com/wh4y

Should be me.